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Floor Hugger™ Low Profile Turntables


Turntables provide a number of useful functions in overall track system design. Although most of the industry is familiar with a four-way 90º exit, few are aware that 45º exits are also available, to allow custom designs.

The turntable top and bottom should be a precision-machined casting that must be designed as an integral part of a unitized product. Its purpose is to save space when forming 90º turns, and allows easy indexing of paper roll rotation.

A machined, spring loaded, stop pin should also be a design feature. The stop pin should be accurately indexed so that upon engagement it precisely aligns the turntable with the entry/exit track.

Turntable bearing designs have varied over the years. The most economical method of rotation is to machine a bearing race into the top and bottom of the casting, and install ball bearings.

Recent technology has developed a means to almost quadruple the hardness of the casting race, theoretically quadrupling its life expectancy (see enclosed excerpt from March 1998 Industrial Heating magazine).


Remove turntable top monthly, remove bearings, clean pit and bearings, examine stop pin for wear and replace if necessary. Reinstall bearings, coat with generous amount of 10W30 oil and reinstall top.


There should be a method to ensure paper rolls are loaded in the center of the dolly. The custom design of each system dictates that the rotational axis of the paper roll is critical, in some areas due to columns, motors, etc.

1.) Low Profile Turn Table
2.) Low Profile Straight Track
3.) Low Profile Dolly
4.) Low Profile Transfer Table

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